Policy / Procedure Revised
Acceptable Use Policy PDF
ADA Medical Questionnaire PDF
ADA Physicians Memo Word
ADA Reasonable Accommodation Procedure PDF
ADA Reasonable Accommodation Request Form PDF
Agency Aide Program Procedures PDF
Alternative Work Schedule 06/2009
Annual Leave Carryover Form Word 10/2016
Annual Leave Carryover Guidelines PDF 10/2016
Anti-Discrimination, Workplace Harassment and Retaliation Policy PDF 06/22/2017
Beliefs and Principles PDF 10/2016
Benefit Deduction Policy PDF
Call-back Pay Guidelines PDF
Compensation Guidelines PDF 05/2011
Compensatory Time Policy PDF 01/2015
Disciplining Employees Facing Criminal Charges PDF
Domestic Violence Policy PDF
Drug-Free Workplace PDF
Employee Communication to External Groups
Employee File Guidelines PDF
Employee Organizations and Representation Activities User’s Guide PDF 09/2009
Fair Labor Standards Act: Exempt Employee Salary Deductions PDF
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
Filling Division Director Exempt Positions PDF 08/2009
Fitness for Duty Examinations PDF
Floating Holiday Policy PDF
Floating Holiday Policy - Transition Period PDF
Gender Identity Guidelines PDF
Human Resources Procedures Manual PDF 05/2014
Interagency Access to Personnel Records during the Hiring Process Guidelines PDF
Leave Quick Reference Guide PDF 06/2010
Management Principles for the Workplace PDF 10/2016
MERB - Rules Governing Practice and Procedure
Merit System Hiring User’s Guide PDF 07/2017
Military Leave Salary Continuation Guideline Word 09/2006
Pregnant Workers Fairness Act Guidelines PDF
Recruitment Procedures Manual PDF 06/2010
Reference Checking Guidelines PDF
Relocation Guidelines Word
Selective Placement Program Procedures PDF 01/2012
Sexual Harassment Prevention 10/2005
Social Media Policy PDF 09/04/2012
State Active Shooter Prevention Policy Guidelines PDF
State Active Shooter Prevention Training Video
Telecommuting Agreement PDF
Telecommuting Criteria PDF
Telecommuting Policy PDF
Tobacco-Free Workplace Policy PDF
Voluntary Reduced Work Hours
Workplace Violence Prevention Procedures PDF 01/2008