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The First State Quality Improvement Fund is suspended until further notice. In the past this fund provided funds for state agency initiatives that promoted long-term commitment to continuous quality improvement initiatives.

What is the First State Quality Improvement Fund?
The First State Quality Improvement Fund (FSQIF) was established by law in 1996. The intent of this legislation is to improve performance and delivery of services to state citizens by helping state agencies and employees to implement quality management, performance budgeting, and other quality-related initiatives. It is funded through the general fund and subject to annual appropriation by the General Assembly.

What types of initiatives can be supported through this program?
The FSQIF provides funds for state agency initiatives that promote long-term commitment to continuous quality improvement. Funding may be granted to state agencies for the following types of activities:

  • Creating quality management plans for state agencies
  • Establishing performance-based budgeting measures to quantify effectiveness
  • Re-engineering work processes
  • Team building
  • Supporting customer satisfaction initiatives
  • Empowering state employees
  • Engaging vendors or consultants to help:
    • Set directions and goals
    • Conduct seminars or facilitations for executive level managers
    • Implement quality initiatives throughout an agency
    • Train state employees to be trainers who can sustain initiatives in other department

All initiatives must be directed toward improving the quality of service of state agencies by promoting improved customer service and higher standards of excellence for a more efficient and productive state government.

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