17.1 Payroll Change. An agency head or other official may add an employee to the payroll, change his/her salary or status only upon prior execution of the properly completed human resource transactions as specified by the Director.

17.2 Review of Payrolls. No person shall make or approve payment for personal services to any employee in the classified service unless the appropriate documents are certified by the appropriate State officer to the effect that the individual is an employee in accordance with Delaware Code and these rules.

17.3 Audit. The Director shall conduct such audits of State payrolls and such other investigations as deemed necessary to assure compliance with Delaware Code.

17.3.1 Any violations shall be called immediately to the attention of the appropriate agency head and to the Auditor of Accounts and State Treasurer.

17.3.2 Thereafter, no payment shall be made to any employee whose salary rate has been questioned until the rate has been adjusted to the satisfaction of the Director.

17.3.3 If the Director wrongfully withholds certification of the payroll account of any employee, such employee may take court action to compel the Director to certify such payroll.

17.4 Recovery of Salaries Improperly Paid. In accordance with the provisions of Delaware Code, officials may be held liable for the return of any salaries they wrongfully authorize.