Screening and Ranking Applicants

7.1 Objectives of Examinations. The test used in the examination process shall fairly measure the relative capacities of the persons examined to execute the duties and responsibilities of the positions concerned, or, where appropriate, to learn to perform the duties and responsibilities thereof. Achievement, aptitude, other written tests, performance tests, physical agility and medical tests, oral interviews, evaluations of training and experience, reference checks and other tests will be used, singly or in combination, as determined by the Director, and after consultation with the appointing authorities where appropriate.

7.2 Eligibility for Screening and Ranking. Persons who apply in accordance with the job posting are eligible for screening and ranking.

7.3 Screening and Ranking Process. Failure in one part of the screening and ranking process may be grounds for declaring such applicants as failing in the entire process or as disqualified for subsequent parts of the screening and ranking process.

7.4 Notification of Eligibility. Applicants shall be notified in writing of their screening results.

7.5 Screening and Ranking Records. The Director or the appointing authority, as applicable, shall be responsible for the maintenance of all records pertinent to the screening and ranking process and program. If an appeal is filed, screening and ranking records must be maintained for the length of the appeal process.

7.6 Screening and Ranking Results. Candidates shall have the right to inspect their screening and ranking results within ten (10) calendar days after the date on which the official notice of screening and ranking results was mailed. This time period may be extended by the Director.

7.6.1 Review of screening and ranking results shall be permitted only during regular business hours and in accordance with procedures established by the Director. The Director will determine what screening and ranking documents may be inspected, taking into account such factors as test security, privacy, retesting procedures, and any other pertinent information.

7.6.2 Any error in computation or failure to apply uniform ranking procedures, if called to the attention of the Director or appointing authority, as appropriate, within ten (10) calendar days after the date on which official notification results of such ranking was mailed, shall be corrected.

7.7 Appeal After Screening and Ranking. Applicants who have been screened and ranked by training and experience may appeal to the Director for review of their ranking to assure that uniform and appropriate procedures have been applied fairly. Such appeal must be mailed to the Director within ten (10) calendar days after the date on which notification of such ranking was mailed. The decision of the Director shall be final.