Instructions for Supervisors

The Office of Management and Budget, with the help of Hay Management consultants and agency human resource professionals, has designed a new job analysis questionnaire (JAQ) that will be used to gather information about jobs. This new questionnaire was designed to help us build a modern classification system using software called HayXpert. The multiple-choice questions are directly linked to the Hay methodology of job evaluation. You and your employees should find this questionnaire to be much easier to complete than the previous position classification questionnaire.

For the supervisory review, you will need the following documents:

  • A job analysis questionnaire and
  • A job analysis questionnaire answer sheet completed by each of your employees

First, review page 1 of each answer sheet to ensure that the general information is correct. This information will be used to accurately track all positions.

Next, open the job analysis and carefully read the instructions. Now you are ready to start. Turn to the first question -- Overall Knowledge and Skills - and read the whole question. You will notice that in addition to the narrative statements such as #1 and 3, there are also intermediate choices such as #2 and 4. These intermediate choices give you the opportunity to show that the answer that best describes the employee's job falls in between the two descriptive statements. In other words, if you read statement #3 and it only describes part of your employee's job and statement #5 goes beyond the description of the job, then the best response falls in between and the most appropriate answer would be #4. Once you have selected the answer that best describes the job, enter the corresponding number in the second column on page 2 of each answer sheet. Repeat this process for all of the multiple-choice questions in the job analysis questionnaire.

The comment section on the answer sheet or a separate page should be used to document discussions of response sets where there is a two or more point spread in the ratings between the employee's response and your response. For example, the employee's response to Question #10 is 4 and your response as the supervisor is 6. You need to document, through discussion with the employee, why each views the job at the selected level. Keep in mind that changes can be made to the ratings based on discussions and agreement between the employee and you, the supervisor, that then results in less than a two point spread.

When you have finished with the review of the multiple choice questions, please go to page 6 of the answer sheet and review the remainder of the information to ensure its accuracy and completeness. Space has been provided on page 9 for you to correct, add or explain any inaccurate or incomplete information.

Last, but not least, please return the completed answer sheet(s) to your immediate supervisor for review and signature.

Thank you for your cooperation and please call your agency Human Resource Representative if you have any questions concerning the completion of the questionnaire or the required signature approval process for your agency.